Stueve Fertilizer Storage Building Features

       › Flexible design concepts and adaptation enables custom design and value added features for individual needs.

       › Highly functional for fertilizer storage and handling operation, maintenance free, durable and long term cost effective buildings.

       › The "Barrel Building" design concept integrates the advantages of dome and box construction enabling storage of multiple products.

Well-designed fertilizer storage bins facilitates dry storage of fertilizer, comfort for handling the product, enhanced worker safety and minimize the risk of contamination - An ideally designed fertilizer storage facility by Stueve Construction Co. incorporates all these aspects  into it's design in addition to meeting all Federal and State regulatory requirements, OSHA safety standards, and Building Code regulations. 


               Port Terminals                                            Barrel Buildings                              Conventional Buildings

  Stueve Construction LLC. has experience in several port terminal warehouse constructions suitable for storage and handling of fertilizer.

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   Stueve Construction's Barrel buildings spaces multiple large storage or numerous small storage or even a combination of both.

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   The most common and popular layout for dry fertilizer storage plants built by Stueve are the multiple bin systems. 

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