Port Terminals

Planning and design of port terminals in the water presents very unique challenges.

Most port terminal buildings will need to be designed for new security measures required by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agency.  In addition, poor soil conditions near waterways are usually not suitable for supporting fertilizer storage structures.  Also land cost and adjustments for other port clients presents more challenges.
Many of Stueve’s current employees have Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC™) identity cards which enable them to work in the secured areas within the Port Terminal.

Stueve Construction LLC. has experience in several port terminal warehouse constructions suitable for storage and handling of fertilizer with a brief list below:

Galveston, TX

       This building serves as the primary deep port terminal for the owner which funnels imported fertilizer to other hub facilities. The building is 89,600 square feet in area and 70 feet tall and specifically designed for Urea Fertilizer storage.
The building was specially designed for hurricane winds and performed exceptionally well under the wind forces from hurricane Ike. 

Building Owner      : CHS Inc. (formerly Agriliance Inc.)
Water Sources       : Gulf Port (Deep Sea Port)
Tonnage                 : 53,100 Tons
Foundation             : Mat foundation Supported by Auger Cast Piles
Year Built               : 2005

 Marston, MO

       This facility located in the Slackwater Harbor is one of the largest dry and liquid fertilizer storage facility in the Midwest region. The dry fertilizer storage building is over 85,000 sq.ft in area. In addition, the facility also houses 3,500,000 gallon of liquid fertilizer tanks.This project located atop the New Madrid Seismic Zone,a major seismic zone in the Southern and Midwestern United States is designed for very large seismic loads. 

Building Owner      : Crop Production Services (formerly UAP)
Water Sources       : Mississippi River
Tonnage                 : 55,400 Tons
Foundation             : Mat foundation with soil correction
Year Built               : 2009


       This bulk dry fertilizer storage and distribution facility for Yara North America, Inc. at Port of Stockton, California serves as a gateway to California and the West. It consists of a new state-of-the-art warehouse, equipped with high end custom design dust collection systems. Also, meeting the stringent local building code requirements for such structures is a hybrid fire sprinkler system of wet and dry system with accidental activation prevention.

Building Owner : Yara North America, Inc.
Water Sources : San Joaquin River
Tonnage : 80,000
Foundation :Mat foundation on lime stabilized soil
Year Built : 2006